Shared Truckload
Made Easy

Instantly compare freight carriers and get quotes, easily choose the best shipping rate, efficiently manage your LTL greight shipments, all in Aurelia's Platform

Why Aurelia

Our cloud native platform is the new solution for speeding and automating the steps of researching, processing and comparing quotes, processing and subsequent management of a transport.

While we optimize the routes and minimize the free space on truckload, you can focus on your business and expand your possibilities.

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Re-Imagine the dynamics and phases of work

  • Loading organization and collection route optimized

  • Speed up booking and shipping management

  • Get quotes instantly and compare best in the class forwarders

  • Ease the communications with customers and collegues

  • Save money sharing the truckload space safeguarding the environment


Our vision is to simplify and automate freight processes, providing an opportunity for logistic and manufacturing companies to easily collaborate and organize their work.

Through a single platform Aurelia aims to meet the needs of freight tracking, organization, communication and efficiency, while maintaining the focus on the environmental impact.

We can impact in a positive way by sharing.

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Our mission is to re-imagine existing freight processes by relentlessly eliminating inefficiency and waste through shared truckload shipping.

Aurelia exists to make the freight industry a better place for shippers, carriers, and the environment.

Our goal is to give shippers top-tier shared truckload service and helping carriers maximize revenue with multi-stopĀ loads.

About Us

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